Swingiä Vaskivedellä



Vaskivesi Swing 2024

2-4 August 2024


Dear fellow dancer, it's time to shine your shoes and polish your moves! Join us for an unforgettable weekend of Lindy Hop set on a beautiful Finnish lakeside.



Swing Team is organizing a lindy hop camp on the first weekend of August




This camp is specially for you who are passionate about lindy hop and social dancing. At the intermediate level you are comfortable with the basics of lindy hop and are eager to learn more. For the advanced level we have an audition at the beginning of the camp to make sure that you will be able to benefit from the classes and that the level of challenge is appropriate for you. We guarantee excellent teaching on all levels!

For those who are completely new to the wonderful world of lindy hop we offer a crash course on lindy hop on Saturday and Sunday. The classes will provide you with all the necessary essentials that will get you ready for the social dance floor in the evening parties.




More than 9 hours of lessons and 2 hours of tasters, two evenings of wonderful parties with live music, situated in idyllic lakeside surroundings, nestled in the heart of the Finnish countryside.






 Swing Doctors






More than 9 hours of classes
2 nights of parties
2 days of learning and sharing ideas
Taster classes
Great band!
Spectacular shows
A pinch of surprises
All events within the same area




Myllyniemi lakeside dance pavilion (Myllyniemen lava) and Vaskivesi community hall (Vaskiveden nuorisoseura), about an hour’s drive from Tampere.






Information is subject to change without notice.