Please read about the Costs, Levels and General Terms before registration!

Please note that,, and other Microsoft e-mail services may not receive the confirmation e-mail that is sent after the registration. This is unfortunately something that we cannot fix at this moment, since the problem can only be solved by Microsoft. We recommend using some other e-mail client, such as Gmail. After sending your registration form, You will get an automatic e-mail confirming, that your registration has been sent successfully. Check your SPAM, if you don find it in your inbox! This is not yet the confirmation of acceptance to the camp. If you sign up with a partner, please do that both on the same day. Those, who sign up with a partner, will get a confirmation with payment instructions within a few days.  If you are signing up as a single leader / follower, we might have to put you on a waiting list. Please be patient, we will send the confirmation of your place as soon as we can. Please check your spam also regularly!  If you have any questions or problems with signing up, receiving the confirmation or the payment info - please contact: lakesidelindy(at)